Curling Leagues and Learn To Curl

What is Curling?


Curling Facts

  • Curling Game lasts approximately 2.5 hour.
    • Olympic and World level can last up to 14 games (35 hours) to reach the podium.
  • The longest Olympic Sport
  • There are two teams consisting of 4 players per team


How the Game is played

  • Deliver two a weighted stone down a sheet of ice (42m x 4.5m) towards a target or the “house”.
  • Objective of the Game: Delivery is from the “hack” and the objective is to get one or more stones nearest to your teams “house”.
  • Objectives:
    • Increase the temperature of the ice as the stone passes over it and reduce the friction between the stone and the ice.
  • The only sport where the trajectory of the projectile can be influenced after the stone has been released.
  • The direction in which the stone is rotating, and the side of the stone the player is sweeping, will direct the stone as to where to go. (straight or curl)
  • Breakdown of a team
    • Lead Player- play the first 2 stones
    • Second, Third and Skip player- play the last 2 stones
    • Skip- stands at the house and controls the play strategy
    • The two players not playing stone will be sweeping
  • Ice Surface: small raised pebbles that is created by droplets of water being sprayed on the ice before play
    • The pebbled surface allows the stone to travel the full distance which produces more curl with a reduced delivery distance.
  • Curl of the stone is formed by the lower friction under the forward rotating side of the stone.
  • The greater rotational velocity relative to the ice under the forward rotating side of the stone causing greater heat generation under that side of the stone. This will increase the temperature resulting in a reduction in friction.
    • This situation results in an Asymmetric Coefficient of Frictionà curling of the stone.
  • Sweeping downwards force occurs when the brush head is closet to the curler’s feet.
    • This is caused from the horizontal moment arm from the curler’s centre of mass being reduced to a minimum, increasing the vertical force exerted on the brush head.
  • The handle of the stones direction can fix the friction asymmetry and enhance/reduce the curl of the stone
  • Increasing downward pressure of the brush onto the ice will generate more heat and a consequent reduction in friction



  • The skip will have most need to sweep a slow moving stone
    • More inclined towards strength development
  • The Lead and second will be sweeping faster
    • More inclined towards speed development
  • Cardiovascular fitness
  • Balance Training
  • Core Training
  • Flexibility Training



  • Sweeping closer to the stone will have greater impact
  • A role of the sweeper may be to clear the debris and frost from the ice



  • Knee, back and shoulder injuries are most common



Look for updates soon as to when we will be starting our next LEARN TO CURL series. We will be announcing new dates and times as soon as possible.


The Tampa Bay Curling Club’s mission is to promote, support and grow the sport of curling in the Tampa Bay and surrounding area.  We provide education and training for the sport to curlers of all ages and experience levels via instructional programs and league play.

Our home rink is AdventHealth Center Ice in Wesley Chapel, Florida.

Our goal is to not only offer leagues, but to promote and initiate partnerships with local schools, organizations, and youth groups, in order to ensure the long-term viability of curling in the local area.

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